Condolences for Diane Griffith Hoogland

Patricia Collay posted on 4/15/19

May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow. Psalms 72:12 “For he will rescue the poor who cry for help. Also the lowly one and whoever has no helper.” Tricia



Vet posted on 4/11/19

She was a lovely and sweet lady.. I met Ms. Diane while working for Ms. Roberta.. RIP❤️


jca posted on 4/10/19

David & Mike, you were blessed with a wonderful mother. I know because she was my mother, too, at least from 1973 to 1983. When people get sympathetic upon learning that I was the last of five children raised by a single mother, I quickly set them straight. I was very fortunate to be raised by several mothers and several fathers (including Ben James, who's has passed on, too, RIP). We moved to Ruston in 1973, from only 30 miles away, but it may as well have been 1000 to an 8 year old. During my first week at my new school, I received a call from David one night inviting me to join Pack 59 of the Cub Scouts. Not only had the ice been broken, it was the beginning of a lifelong friendship. Years later, I realized that it was Diane (the Pack 59 Den Mother) that had pushed David into making that call. How many 8 year olds are making cold calls to people they hardly know? Over the next several years, I witnessed Diane emphasize to David the importance of reaching out to other "new kids" upon their arrival in Ruston and in our grade (Humphries, Copeland, Comfort, Dyer, VanVeck, Brewer all come to mind). Because of Diane, David was the glue of our class. Kids of that age tend to form cliques (I was guilty), but David never limited himself to such - he inherited his "uniter" trait from Diane. I learned many other valuable lessons from her, too. I also have many great memories. One of the sofa pillows in the Hoogland's playroom was embroidered "If a woman's place is in the home, why am I always in the car?" It was true. Diane drove us everywhere. Picked us up, too, from places like the Dixie Theater, the P.O. Cafe, bowling alley, high school ballgames, Tech games, junior high dances, etc. She was always there for us, in so many ways. I am thankful for her kindness, encouragement, wisdom, discipline, and love. I am thankful she was my mother, too. RIP


Pat Bailey posted on 4/10/19

David and Mike, your Mother was very special. My family sends their condolences.


Meg Ball Bullock posted on 4/8/19

David and Mike I’m so sorry for the loss of your mother. She was one of the most wonderful and special ladies I have ever known! We all have so many wonderful memories of her. She will always be one of my very favorites! Lots of love, hugs and prayers for all of you!


D. Key posted on 4/8/19

My deepest sympathies extended to the family. May God’s words given to us at John 6:40 give you a measure of comfort during this time and in the days ahead.


Martha Burnley posted on 4/8/19

Mike, Gene and I want you to know that we are so sorry to hear about your mother. We will keep your family in our thoughts and prayers. Martha and Gene Burnley


Katharine Lewis Powell posted on 4/7/19

I am so saddened to hear about Mrs. Hoogland. When I reflect on my teachers, she is always my number one favorite. I spoke of Mrs. Hoogland just last week as my kids and I discussed my favorite teachers and school experiences. Heartfelt condolences for such an amazing lady. She will be missed!


Carolyn Bolt posted on 4/7/19

Mike and David, I am heartbroken to hear that your mom has passed. I can only imagine the sadness you and your children are experiencing now. Please accept my condolences.


Kathy Booth posted on 4/6/19

Mike and David, I'm so saddened by this news! What a kindhearted soul your mom was! My mom is so very sad too as she and Diane remained close and looked after one another these past few years. God bless! Kathy Booth


Melynda Stewart Benson posted on 4/6/19

Ms. Diane was such a sweet lady. I know she will be missed but she will always be in your hearts. She is now a beautiful angel in heaven.


Holly Johnston Reed posted on 4/6/19

David and Mike I am so sorry for your loss. I have such good memories of Diane Hoogland. She always had a smile on her face and such a cute laugh. Her love for both of you was obivious. She was such a great many fun times at the Hoogland’s house!! I knew if I ever needed anything I could go to her. She was a great example of what a mother should be. I’m lucky to have one of those too. My mom and your mom were besties :) Diane touched the lives of so many people. I can’t image what you are going thru. Please know my prayers are with all of you!!!


Johnny Sutton posted on 4/6/19

David, Mike, There are so many things that I could say that can and will be said by so many others who knew her longer and better. I last saw your mother 40 years ago. She probably wouldn’t remember me. But I remember her. She was kind to me. I guess that the impression she made on a young boy who only knew her for a few years, so many years ago, says more than any words I could say. Take heart that we know where she is today. My prayers and condolences are with you and your family. God bless you all.


Mark Humphries posted on 4/6/19

My prayers are with you Mike and David during this difficult time. Diane was a great lady and second mother to so many of your friends and especially myself. She will deeply missed as so many lives she touched from her students to your friends.


Keith Brasuell posted on 4/6/19

My deepest condolences to Mike, David and your family during this time. Your mother was so kind, caring and loving. Diane Hoogland was an great woman and an amazing person. I will always remember her love for others, her positive impact on my life and all of the great memories.